Brochure Design-Accurately Representing Your Company

The right brochure design is important not only because you want to be able to hand out something you are proud of but because it is a snapshot of what prospects and clients can expect from your business.  It is your company’s calling card and it can be the deciding factor for a prospect.  A poorly designed brochure can speak volumes about your business, just like a well-designed one can. You have to really ask yourself what message you want to send about your business.

The Bad Design

When you are trying to “sell” your business you want to be able to make a really good first impression. A poorly designed piece of marketing material really does not stand a chance in providing you a leg up over the competition. When prospects take a look you will likely lose them on the first page. If you are not making an impression it will hit the trash can before the prospect ever gets passed the first page.  In some cases if the prospect does hang in there and gets past the first page if you the material is not making a positive impact, the negative impact may sway them the other way and they will decide before they trash it that your business is not for them.

The Good Design

A professional design can result in making that great first impression. It can represent your company accurately and paint a clear picture of your services/product line. It can also result in:

An increase in more interest in your business
An increase in conversions
The material being passed along instead of being trashed

Clearly the goal in any marketing attempt to raise interest in your business. The right brochure can do that. Even better still is not only raising awareness but also raising conversions.  The right design elements will get people interested and increase responses. It will also help to get the information passed along to other prospects. It quickly becomes a win- win situation for your business.

Ensure the Good

One way to make sure that you only get the good stuff is to choose a firm that specializes in brochures. A team of professionals makes all the difference in how your campaign takes off and how it pans out. It is an expense that can offer a nice return.  Having a great design that gives an accurate snapshot of your business is the way to go!

Marion Integrated Marketing can provide you with brochure design options that will give a great snapshot of your company!  Call today to discuss your options and to speak with an expert!

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