It may seem that in the age of technology and digital marketing, promotional products are less desirable. Seen by some as a memento from a bygone age of marketing, promotional items are less often mentioned in today’s posts about building better businesses and expanding customers bases. However, the truth is most customers are still highly favorable to receiving promotional products – and more likely to give you their business, as a result.

The Lasting Appeal of the Promotional Product

The simple science of the lasting success of promotional giveaway items comes down to the fact that people love free things. Whether it’s winning a free t-shirt or being handed an attractive paperweight after attending an event, there is almost nothing people won’t take home delightedly if they receive it for free. What’s more, these products are an enduringly popular marketing investment, as they typically cost fairly little to produce and distribute, and have a lasting and ongoing effect on those you deliver them to.

What to Market With

If you’re wondering what kinds of products to use for marketing purposes, consider practicality. How often will your customer reach for or see your logo or company name on the item you’re giving them? Practical and desirable items your customers will love include:

  • Pens, pencils and other writing utensils
  • Stationary such as notepads and sticky notes
  • Magnets
  • Calendars
  • Water bottles and food containers
  • Reusable shopping bags
  • Apparel (shits, hats, etc.)
  • Accessories (bags, glasses cases, umbrellas, keychains, etc.)

Putting your information or a reminder of your company’s generosity to your customer on an item they will reach for again and again cements your place in their mind as a brand they can return to for their everyday needs.

Getting Your Goods into People’s Hands

There are many ways to move your promotional items into potential customers’ hands. One of the most popular is a free-with-purchase model of distribution When your client makes a regular good or service purchase, include a free item branded with your company’s information. Additionally, many customers respond well to giveaway stations or stands set up in public locations such as shopping centers or banks, and others enjoy seeing local companies represented at markets, trade shows and community events. You can also consider partnering with a branding agency like Celebrity Branding Agency to help you find consumers who might be interested in your items.

Wherever and however you decide to distribute your promotional products, be sure to offer a friendly smile and a reminder that your company is more than just the name on the pen, cup or shirt. It’s the whole gesture of kindness and goodwill that makes the gift of a promotional product one that keeps on giving.

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