Everything You Should Know About Satellite Internet Plans

Satellite internet overcomes the regular broadband problems. The distant satellite internet plans offers connectivity to the areas that do not have access to terrestrial internet. Apart from providing access to the remote locations, it also overcomes the unreliable and poor internet connection access. Here is what you need to know about satellite internet:


The data hungry devices will connect to a satellite dish that is situated on the rooftop through a modem. This dish will in turn communicate with the orbital satellite and within few seconds, the information will be relayed back to the ground stations through gateways/hub connected to the internet and to your device.

High Speed Internet Access

Satellite internet plans often provide multi Mbps that are sometimes even faster than the DSL and cable service plans. In case terrestrial internet is unavailable, then satellite internet is the best way to provide high-speed internet to remote locations.


Satellite internet provides a global coverage to all the locations on Earth. A single geostationary satellite can provide internet coverage to vast distances. Satellite internet plans only require a clear view of the orbiting satellite and it is not hindered by the geographical and man-made obstacles.

Performance in Bad Weather

Since moisture in the air affects the signal, weather tends to have an effect on the weaker systems. However, if the signal strength is powerful, light rain does not affect internet connectivity. Snow or ice may degrade the signal or cause a temporary signal disruption. Strong winds and heavy rains can misalign the satellite dish or block the signals.

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