Five Essential Services an Internet Marketing Agency Usually Provides

As a business owner or manager, you probably know how important internet marketing is to your business. However, you may not realize all the services the typical internet marketing company provides. Here are some of the primary services one offers.

Content Marketing

An Orange County internet marketing agency will write headings and content that gets the reader’s attention. It will also lay the content out in a logical manner to entice visitors to read more web pages and ultimately act.

Website Design

Internet marketing firms also design websites. In fact, there are two types of web developers. Those who work on the front end are responsible for the aesthetics of the website, including the color schemes, images, videos and various other applications the site offers. Back-end web developers handle the technical aspects of the website, ensuring it is both functional and usable through all platforms.

SEO Services

Your Orange County internet marketing firm will also employ SEO specialists, who use keywords, meta tags and various coding strategies to help you attain high rankings in major search engines. These professionals will also optimize your site on both a local and national level, depending on where you generate most of your business.

Paid Advertising

A more recognizable skill of internet marketers is placing digital ads online. Two common types of internet marketing are pay-per-click advertising and email marketing. With pay-per-click advertising, your internet marketing specialist will write ads and determine how much to allot for each click to get the highest rankings. When he uses email marketing, he will send messages to people who have purchased your types of products or services. He’ll also include autoresponders to continue contacting people until they call or make a purchase.

Social Media Marketing

Orange County internet marketing companies also execute social media marketing campaigns through top sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and LinkedIn. Because of the personal data these sites collect, your internet marketer can better tailor your messages to highly targeted audiences.

Using an internet marketing company gives you scalability. If you decide to use one service like website design, you may get discounts on some of the other services offered.

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