Grab Their Attention by Catching Their Eye with an Animated Video

by | Jun 4, 2021 | Advertising and marketing

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It’s a fact that people’s attention spans are short these days. One study shows that consumers take about 50 milliseconds to make up their minds about a website. Something must catch a viewer’s attention to keep them looking. That something is video. Whiteboard video is animation. It shows static images drawn on the screen as someone narrates a story about the drawings. It’s an attention grabber.

Why Use Video on Your Website?

It’s all about engagement. People find their way to your website, sometimes on purpose, sometimes fortuitously. Regardless, once there, the question becomes — “Do they stay?” Whiteboard videos increase the chance of the answer to that question being Yes, for these reasons:

  • High conversion rates
  • Custom made for you
  • It follows the science

The material created is based on neuroscience, psychology, and a brilliant technique that takes the guesswork out of marketing. You receive content compelling viewer action. Call the number below to find out more.


The three products listed below work together to create eye-catching animated shows. These products are:

  • Videos that will keep visitors to your website there 3x longer
  • Elevator Pitch that explains what you do simply and quickly
  • You’dle (You Doddle) will convert your portraits or group photos into hand-drawn cartoons

Studies show that audiences retain 92% of the message presented in animated videos, significantly higher than other formats.

Whiteboard videos from business name have been proven to keep visitors on your page up to 3x longer! Get in touch with them for a Whiteboard videos.

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