Have You Tapped Video Marketing to Increase Sales Yet? What You Should Know

by | Oct 12, 2020 | Advertising and marketing

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What’s your marketing budget like? Are you only using the standard means of reaching customers? You should be considering video marketing, similar to the content provided by Explainer Video Company. Here is why you need to get on board with whiteboard animation for your business.

Videos Play Anywhere

Video marketing and video advertising play anywhere and everywhere. Insert your videos into gaming app content. Send them via all forms of social media. Play them as actual commercials on TV. Throw them up on billboards and let them play as traffic zooms by. There is an outlet for every possible means of using a single animated video to market your business, each bringing its own level of exposure.

Videos Can’t Be Thrown Out or Ignored

You know all that money you invest in mailers and paper advertising? It mostly ends up in the trash or a recycle bin. It doesn’t go very far. You can’t do that with a video. A video can play on forever. Even if people ignore it, they have to play through part of it before they switch it off. Your investment in this type of advertising is, in a sense, protected. If you can grab customers’ attention within the first five to ten seconds of your video marketing, they may watch it all the way through. The more it is watched, the better your marketing results.

That’s where Explainer Video Company can help. Contact business nametoday to see what they can do for your business.

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