It may seem inappropriate to use humor in certain situations, such as a business conference or event. However, when used properly, humor can be a valuable tool to keep your audience engaged and help them take away more from their experience. A humorous keynote speaker may use humor in several ways.

Funny Anecdotes

Sometimes motivational speakers use funny stories from their lives to connect with the audience and provide their perspective on a specific subject. A humorous keynote speaker will take anecdotes from their past experiences and share them with their audience. These speakers are skilled in connecting these stories to the topic at hand, giving a unique perspective that adds a touch of humor.

Industry-Related Jokes

A humorous keynote speaker should have a firm understanding of your industry. In their research, they may uncover jokes that relate to your industry and can serve as an excellent icebreaker. With their experience, they understand how to avoid overused jokes or those typically found in bad taste, giving you peace of mind that they will only use jokes that are likely to be accepted by the crowd.

An Overall Humorous Tone

While humor should never be the sole focus in a keynote speech, some humorous keynote speakers take an overall humorous tone for their speech. Achieving an effective keynote speech with a humorous tone takes experience and talent. If you want this approach for your keynote speech, be sure you choose a speaker who has a lot of experience in this area.

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