How To Pick The Right Color Scheme For Your Website

So, you’re getting ready to create a website for your business, and you are wondering what colors to pick. Picking your company colors may not seem like a significant stressor at first, but the more you sit and think about having to choose between hundreds of shades, you may feel overwhelmed.

The first step is to narrow down your options as to what colors may be most effective for your business. Colors have the power to make customers feel certain emotions, and as a business owner, you want your potential customers to get the right impression of who you are as a brand. You know your business and the message you want to convey more than anyone, so let that message influence your decision as you browse through the following color theory tricks.


Black is a powerful color that can convey a variety of intense emotions. Power, mystery, and sophistication are closely associated.


White has the opposite effects as black, conveying purity, cleanliness, hope, and simplicity.


Red is another intense color, making viewers feel love, passion, energy, and even danger.


Sunny yellow has a whole range of emotions, varying from intellect and warmth to cowardice and caution.


Blue is always a trustworthy option. Emotions invoked by blue include peace, confidence, tranquility, and integrity.


Green has a very naturalistic feel since green is the most common color in nature. Therefore, green conveys freshness, life, growth, and wealth.


A lovely, neutral grey can show a sense of authority, maturity, and security.


Orange is a bold choice, but one that could pay off. Orange demonstrates creativity, innovation, and ideas.


Another bold choice, purple, is the color associated with royalty. However, purple can also convey a sense of luxury, dignity, and wisdom.

So now that you have all of the colors in front of you, think back to how you want your brand to be represented. For example, maybe you are a law office, and you want to come across as serious and professional. Utilizing the color black in your color scheme would be an intelligent move. Maybe you own a greenhouse. The color green would work very well in your color scheme.

Choosing your base color is the first step. Then, you can add in more colors to create an entire color scheme for your site and business as a whole. If you are having trouble finding hues and shades that all look good and fit your business, you can always look up color schemes on Google and find one you like and connect with.

Web designers can suggest color schemes. One business that can help you choose a scheme and create a website is Oostas LLC. It is a highly rated marketing and web design agency dedicated to building small businesses. Web designers use the Duda platform to build creative websites that fit your business. Duda websites will allow you to create and save color schemes of your own and implement them in creative ways all over your site.

The professional Duda designers at Oostas roll out incredibly designed websites every time. They will even guide you through maintaining and making updates to your site as you add content, products, and more throughout the years. To explore how Duda websites can elevate your business to the next level, schedule a time to meet with the Duda designers at Oostas LLC.

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