How to Spot a Good Information Technology Industry Speaker

by | Dec 15, 2022 | Sales coaching

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Many industries have speakers who give insightful speeches on various topics. Some are entertaining, and others are informative. In the IT industry, many speakers specialize in delivering valuable information about the latest trends in technology. However, with so many information technology industry speakers, it takes time to tell which can help your team improve. Here are some tips on how to determine if a speaker has what it takes to stand out:

A Distinguished Background

A good speaker has a distinguished background. They have a good reputation and an excellent track record. The speaker should have the necessary education and network to support their claim to being an expert in their field.

Push the Status Quo

If you want to find a good IT speaker, look for someone who isn’t afraid to push the status quo. You want someone who will offer great insight from their experiences and observations and give you actionable advice on improving your company’s processes.

By contrast, an IT speaker who offers only the tips and tricks they learned while still working in the field won’t provide anything valuable or impactful. They may even suggest outdated methods that are no longer effective!

Concise, Useful Information

As you start looking for a good speaker, remember your needs differ from others. A good IT speaker will help your company, so it can’t be too specific. It also has to have a unique value for you and your organization. A great information technology industry speaker will provide this balance by keeping their purpose and audience clear while providing helpful information.

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