Run From Digital Marketing Agencies Who Do or Say This

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Digital Marketing

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You’ve probably heard this before: “Run from any company who promises to get your site on the first page of search rankings.”

Fact is, that’s not necessarily true. If you have the budget, the right digital marketing agency can get you ranked on the first page of search results for targeted keywords. After all, it’s their job. (Plus, at the very least, they’ll ensure your rankings improve!)

Instead, here are three “promises” that should worry you when seeking out an internet marketing agency in the San Francisco Bay area:

1. We Use AI to Write Everything!

Why would you hire someone to do something you can do yourself: use AI to write everything. Plus, adhering to Google’s guidelines remains important – don’t get caught up in the tech giant’s Sept. 14, 2023 Helpful Content Update. That update changed the first sentence from saying its algorithms were tuned to “content written by people, for people …” to “content created for people.” Fact is, quality and providing something of value remains a crucial touch point, and the generic copy you get from AI can’t replicate that.

2. We’ll Give You a Year’s Worth of Blog Posts at Once

That sort of request, although doable, would incur a high cost. Start with the math. In order to produce 365 blog post in one month, an agency would have to write around 12 posts per day – and that can’t possibly be done while ensuring great quality. So, again, it goes back to how those posts are being written, which is likely through AI or some article spinner. Those types of low-quality posts make your own business look bad. Think about a restaurant that looks run-down and dirty on the inside. It doesn’t inspire much confidence in the quality of the food. Same goes for flooding your site with poorly written content. (Plus, it won’t fool Google, either!)

3. They Don’t Spend Enough Time Getting to Know Your Business

A digital marketing strategy needs to be tailored to your needs and goals. If an agency rushes through the onboarding process without taking the time to deeply understand your industry, audience, and objectives, then it’s a sign they might be cutting corners elsewhere. Fact is, personalized campaigns are more likely to resonate better and yield higher returns.

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