Three Golden Rules to Attractive Digital Billboards in Oklahoma

by | Mar 25, 2020 | Publishing and Printing

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These days, almost everyone has an idea what outdoor advertising means, which often leads advertisers to think that they can put anything on the billboard to get the needed publicity. However, nothing is farther from the truth because most of the potential consumers are bombarded with ads making it difficult to recall a particular ad from thousands of digital billboards in Oklahoma. As a result, it is imperative that an ad is attractive and targeted towards the right audience. Here are three golden rules that will ensure that your ad stands out from the crowd:

Attractive: The benchmark for a great ad is an ad that will likely create a stir among its audience. It means that people will be tempted to share the ad on social media, take the picture, and record it on their cell phones.

Location: The location of your ad can do wonders for return-on-income. It means that an expansive location in the right place and exposed to thousands of passersby is better than ten locations at the wrong spot. For instance, you may get a lot better ROI on the traffic junction where everyone stops instead of placing an ad on a busy motorway where no one has the time to glance at the advertisement.

Less is More: Think of outdoor advertising as a starter where your goal is to get the message across in a few seconds. You can do this by creating visuals ads that don’t have long words and lengthy calls to action. Most people on the road have just second to glance at the message; therefore, creating great visuals with fewer words will likely do the job.

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