Top Outdoor Advertising Formats to Improve Brand Visibility

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Marketing Agency

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Nearly all businesses rely on technology and digital marketing to generate leads and create impressions. While this solution promises results, it does not mean forgoing traditional advertising methods. Outdoor advertisement is still a strategy that never runs out of style because it makes your brand more visible. Although there are different methods to go about it, here are the top methods to consider for increasing brand visibility.

1. Billboards

Billboards are very popular in Dubai and are visible on almost every street. These giant posters are strategically placed in areas that are very popular and experience high traffic. Outdoor advertising companies in Dubai charge differently for these services depending on the demographics, traffic, and impressions.

2. Transit Advertising

Dubai’s public transport system uses buses, providing a great avenue for placing advertisements. Outdoor transit advertising is also compatible with taxis, cars, and trucks. This form of advertising is used mostly in locations with a higher population that can create impressions.

3. Mobile Billboards

Like transit advertising, mobile billboards use trucks that use either digital or permanent Ad placements. In addition, this product improves brand visibility during product launches, event marketing, and special announcements.

4. Banners

Sometimes, outdoor advertising can be in the form of banners mounted on bridges and bypasses. These banners target different locations, especially if your main audience is the commuters who use these routes frequently. Outdoor advertising companies in Dubai position these campaigns in areas where your prospective buyers are found. Considering the Dubai highways are a form of attraction, they can reach more prospects than anticipated.

5. Retail

Retail advertising mainly focuses on posting ad campaigns within the business premises to keep customers returning. They are installable over shopping centers for advertising events, products, services, or upcoming events. Placing them in areas where customers are likely to transact offers great returns.

Outdoor advertising companies in Dubai have perfected the art of outdoor advertising in different ways. This assures you that a solution will always work for your business. So contact us today for outdoor advertising and showcase your brand to millions of people.

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