Maybe you’ve been chugging along with your own self-made website. It might not do everything you want it to, but it’s there, your customers are familiar with it, and it works. You can get your orders in, fill them and ship them out. The problem is, that in the time since you made that site web standards have probably changed, and are getting ready to change again. You could be a couple of generations behind the curve, and that can actually put your customers and their information in danger.

“Oh, Come On! Who’s Going to Hack Me?”

You might think that hackers go after the big fish. After all, they’ve gone after Target and even torpedoed Equifax. What are they going to want with a little fish like you? The answer is that to hackers all information is valuable – no matter where it is obtained, or how. It contains what they need in order to make their illicit funds. Your credit card number, or your customer’s credit card number, is just as valuable as any other. By working with a Michigan website design company with the latest standards firmly under their belt, you can build a secure and beautiful website that your customers will instantly trust.

Smart Money

Yes, you might be saving money by puttering along with your old website, but you might be putting a lot more on the line by doing nothing. Additionally, your customers would probably never tell you, but your site could be slow and even contain elements that cause their browsers to hang and crash. Instead, they will go very quietly to your competitors for a better website experience. Get in touch with EXTEND GROUP, and get started on making a great-looking site, that is also highly secure.

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