What Are The Differences Between Dedicated And Virtual Servers?

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Web Hosting Company

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There are many different options for businesses to choose for maintaining their data and running software programs. Two that are often confused are virtual servers and dedicated servers.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is an actual server, the hardware component, and all associated software to operate the server. The dedicated server hosting is used by one tenant or owner, with 100% of the resources available to the tenant. As there are no other users, the tenant can set up the server and customize all aspects of the server, including security, workload, and even the choice of operating system.

What is a Virtual Server?

A virtual server is a type of software. This software is installed on a dedicated server to create multiple, independent virtual servers. While these virtual servers are independent of each other, they share the resources of the physical server on which they are housed. The number of virtual servers on a physical server can vary based on the specific needs of the tenants.

A virtual server is managed through a hypervisor. The hypervisor controls the connection between the physical server, the hardware, and the virtual servers. The hypervisor also manages the use of resources to each virtual server. The hypervisor also eliminates the ability of one virtual server from using resources or accessing data on other virtual servers.

Both dedicated and virtual servers may be the right answer for a business. The storage space needed, the computing ability, RAM, and security needs of the business should also be considered when choosing between the two options.

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