Reasons to Use Local SEO in Your Orange County Business

by | Jan 10, 2019 | Internet Marketing

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Today, all companies know that they need to have a strong online presence. They know that they need a website and that they need to be active on social media. Many even know that a blog will be able to help their business. However, there is a lot of terminology and techniques to learn, and you might not have realized quite yet just how important it is to use local SEO. Orange County businesses that have brick and mortar locations can greatly benefit from the smart use of local SEO. Let’s examine what it means and what some of the biggest benefits will be.

It Is Easy and Cost Effective

One of the nice benefits of local SEO is that it tends to be relatively simple. You will be able to add geotags to your other keywords to help make your business easier to find for locals. For example, if you are a florist, instead of using keywords such as “florist” and “flowers for Valentine’s Day”, you would use “Orange County florist” or “Get flowers for Valentine’s Day in Orange County”. By adding your location, you can increase your ranking for local results, meaning you will come up higher than the competition.

Reach More Customers

Because so many customers today are using local keywords when they are searching online, you will be able to reach more customers when you use those local keywords in your content.

Boost Traffic to Your Website and Store

When you start to get more eyes on your page in the search results, it means there will be more visits to your website, and ultimately more visits to your brick and mortar store. When people are looking up companies online in their area, they are already thinking about buying a product or service. They are already primed to buy. If you have good information on your site and good directions and contact information, there is a high chance that they will visit your location. With good local SEO, you can convert more customers, which is always the goal.

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