The Benefits of Video Marketing for Attorneys

Marketing is one thing that even attorneys need to pay attention to. Investing in a high quality marketing agency that specializes in a number of different areas is critical to business success – especially when it comes to the legal world. In recent years, video marketing has emerged as a viable option for those looking to deliver a message, increase brand awareness and boost their profitability in the long-term. Video marketing for attorneys can be especially helpful, as it allows them to share a powerfully persuasive, yet focused message to their intended audience, as well as infiltrate further into the online world.


Video marketing allows attorneys to deliver a high quality message in a very powerfully persuasive way. One of the greatest aspects of attorney video marketing is that it gives the attorney the opportunity to share him or herself with the world; separate from the firm itself. It provides them with an identity – distinct from any of their practicing partners. Video marketing, often times, captures images and sound bites of the attorney in action – allowing individuals to see just how effective they are within the legal market. It allows prospective clients the opportunity to witness how well an attorney presents an idea and represents a claim. Videos deliver a powerful punch of both emotion and authority – a feat that most text-related marketing strategies simple can’t conquer.


For the majority of the general population, legal jargon is virtually impossible to understand. Several marketing strategies incorporate big words that are hard to comprehend and interpret – videos, on the other hand, allow attorneys to present a very clear and concise message in terms that are a bit easier to digest. Since marketing videos tend to be short, it is critical that the attorney project him or herself in the best way possible within the allotted time frame. Often times, they will focus on the “meat” of the message and formulate it in such a way that it is much easier to grasp.

Larger Audience

The beauty of attorney video marketing is that it is one of the most effective and cost efficient strategies within the marketing world. When you come to think about it, most online media sites are free of charge for anyone looking to post a video. Sites like YouTube, for example, allow you to post video clips for free – and then share your posts accordingly. It also gives viewers the opportunity to comment on your videos, as well as share the links with their online network. Hence, the opportunity to infiltrate a number of different social networks is quite substantial.

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