Four Important Considerations For Great Hotel Video Marketing

The hospitality industry is undoubtedly competitive, and so too are the marketing strategies and tools employed by hotels.  Such strategies are always evolving to take advantage of emerging trends on the web, in an effort to stay steps ahead of the competition.

That’s certainly the case for nationwide chains, but also applies to single-location venues.  We’ve seen an increase here locally with hotel video marketing in Fairfield, mirroring the increase in businesses leveraging video across the country.

In contrast to written content, the visual nature of video has the ability to instantly impress.  Given the emotional component of hospitality-oriented services, an engaging video can critically connect with viewers in a way that text alone cannot.  As such, hotel video marketing in Fairfield has helped local hotels showcase some of the unique features their venues have to offer.

When it comes to hotel video marketing, Fairfield area hotels have done so in a variety of ways.  Whether via video tours of rooms available for rent, experience videos that capture the feeling of a staying at a particular venue, or amenity videos that advertise the benefits of a particular hotel – the experience for potential guests is one of immersion & excitement.  In addition to the ideas implemented here to leverage hotel video marketing in Fairfield, here are four more to consider for other hotels – both local brands, and nationwide chains:

Show the Details

When creating a video, it’s important to capture & show details of key areas within the hotel. In many cases wide-angle views of a hotel room can be generic, and are often difficult to tell apart. Make your hotel stand out, and feature details of the room like a working AC unit, functional desk, luxurious bathroom, fully featured shower, oversize bed & mattress, stylized wardrobe, and similar.

Staff Activities

Creating a promotional video of the staff and their related activities can be a great way to reach prospective customers. Indeed, different staff members may connect at varying degrees with different viewers.  Whether it’s the smile of your charming receptionist or the dedicated work of your housekeeping staff, potential guests can develop an understanding and level of comfort from the service they’ll be able to rely on at your hotel.

Using Social Sharing Buttons

When it comes to hotel video marketing, production of a great video is only half the battle.  A well-planned and executed distribution strategy is critical for your success.  Adding social sharing buttons to your videos encourages viewers to share them with friends and family as they plan & discuss their possible trip.


Last but certainly not least is the issue of quality as it pertains to your hotel video marketing.  Fairfield hotels are no exception to this rule, and a cross section of videos from the area show varying levels of production quality.  It’s important to remember that viewers “read into” the quality of your video, projecting that perceived level of quality (or lack thereof) onto your establishment.  In that manner, a low budget “amateur” production can give the impression of an amateur hotel operation – while a well-polished production can give the impression of a well-run hotel.

Though initiatives leveraging hotel video marketing in Fairfield were largely used to describe local examples in this article, the ideas for individual establishments & nationwide chains are not location specific.  Many of these ideas are universally appealing to prospective guests, and can have a significant impact on your digital marketing when correctly applied.

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